Becoming a Freemason


Why do people join ?

People became Freemasons for a variety of reasons, some as the result of family tradition, others upon the introduction of a friend or out of a curiosity to know what it is all about. Those who become active members and who grow in Freemasonry do so principally because they enjoy it. They enjoy the challenges and fellowship that Freemasonry offers.

So how do I become a Freemason? How do I apply to?

Becoming a Freemason is simple

  1. Get in touch with Ansgar Lodge by clicking here or using the Contact Us menu option.
  2. Meet up with the membership team who will answer any questions you have
  3. The membership team will propose your membership to the Lodge Members
  4. Agree a date and time for you to attend your first meeting

And what next? What happens at my first meeting?

Perhaps this wonderful article by one of the founders of the Internet Lodge would help you place yourself Outside the Door of the Lodge right before your first Masonic Lodge meeting.