European Masonic Association

A wonderful Association, which we should all take a closer look at.

The EMA’s aims are to promote and expand the concept of Masonic Brotherhood, Friendship and Harmony between brethren throughout Europe and to promote the exchange of Masonic ideas and cultural understanding between European nations through fraternal visits and social gatherings.

Please take a look at The EMA Website

There are several interesting European visits organised, which your WM will investigate further.


In 1987 several brethren met together and in principle agreed to form a group of European Masons with a view to understand Masonic culture from each others countries. This later became part of the Constitution of the EMA. It was extended later to include the wives and ladies in a social gathering thus extending our Aims to a Masonic, Cultural and Social Understanding between the Brethren in Europe. The inaugural meeting of the European Masonic Brethren, as we were first called, was held in The Masonic Centre in Frankfurt Germany on 2nd of December 1989.

The following Founders were present at this meeting:

Bro Dr Sascha Dinstl Germany
Bro Dr Leon Singh Germany
Bro Ernst Mayer Germany
Bro Werner Schorno Switzerland
Bro Dr Hermann Hoeglhamer Switzerland
Bro Philipe Laventure France
Bro Cess de Koster Netherlands
Bro Clems van Kempen Netherlands
Bro Erich Voight Germany (East)
Bro Guglielmo Gondolfo Italy
Bro John McDonald England

The following Founders tendered their apologies:

Bro John Underwood England
Bro Ken Larkin Northern Ireland
Bro Myles Faulker Northern Ireland
Bro Dr David Huggen Scotland
Bro John Carroll Scotland
Bro Gerhard Dlouhy Austria

After due deliberation, it was agreed that the Brethren would collectively be known as The European Masonic Association. E.M.A. The motif Logo of the Association would be the Square and Compass surrounded by nine Stars representing the Nine Countries of the Founding Members. The Stars, Square and Compass will all be in gold on a blue background The initials EMA should be incorporated in the Stars. This is the Logo we have to this day.

Initially The EMA was frowned upon by the Powers that be. A lot of pressure was placed on our Founders to keep everything in England. Bro John McDonald fought tirelessly to get the recognition of The Grand Lodge of England. Many letters were to pass between John and Cmdr Hyams. The Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England. Eventually recognition was forthcoming but with certain strings attached, but nothing that we as a Masonic Association couldn’t accept. The United Grand Lodge of England was to be the Dominant Masonic Body. No visits can be made to unrecognised lodges abroad. Members must be attached to a lodge recognised by the Grand Lodge of England, so it went on By the time of the third meeting which was held in Middleburg in Holland on the 14th September 1990 The EMA was officially recognised by The Premier Grand Lodge. Membership had increased almost four fold and was a staggering 57 members. The EMA HAD A FIRM FOUNDATION and is going from strength to strength.

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