What We Do As Masons

So this is what we do as masons.

We meet formally 4 time a year in October, December, February and April.  At the Masonic Centre in Hillingdon, Near Uxbridge, Middlesex.

At the formal meeting we spend about 2 hours in the Lodge conducting the formal business such as introducing new members to the Lodge, delivering educational talks and presentations, discussing and agreeing our charity activities and donations. Following the formal meeting we adjourn to the dining room where we have a dinner, which is referred to as the festive board. We normally have a raffle and raise additional money for Charity. At the December meeting we traditionally raise money for the Widows of former members of the lodge. (we currently have 12 widows, who benefit from our help)

Ahead of the formal masonic meeting we hold what is called a Lodge of Instruction, which is a rehearsal for the formal meetings. These are held weekly on a Tuesday, starting four weeks before the big events. You can see the dates of these meetings on our home page. All members of the lodge are welcome to attend, and indeed members of other Lodges who want to learn or rehearse for a meeting.

We also hold several social events throughout the year, which are also open to friends and family. The events include Walking, Summer BBQ, Skiing, Sailing, Football, Cricket and a variety of events that are organised by our members.

Visiting other Freemason lodges is also a big part or our activity, and once you become a Freemason, every lodges in England is available to visit. There are  250,000 Freemasons belonging to 8,000 Lodges throughout England and Wales, and districts overseas. So there are many places to visit and thousands of masons to meet.

Worldwide it is estimated there are 6,000,000 freemasons and with the permission of the United Grand Lodge of England, you can get permission to visit Lodges all over the globe.