What WIll It Cost

We meet formally four times every year at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre where we use their rooms, facilities, parking and inventory.

dine (2)After each formal Lodge meeting there is a nice dining table waiting for us where we all continue the evening.

Usually everyone stays for dinner as that is such a pleasant part of the evening. In most lodges the annual membership covers the cost for the meetings and includes the dining fee as well.

At Ansgar Lodge we keep the annual membership separate from the dining fee. That is, if you really cannot stay for dinner you do not pay for it.

bar2We also meet 12 times every year at the UMC for informal meetings called Lodge of Instruction where we improve our Masonic work and discuss other Lodge matters. We usually meet at the bar and more often than not we use it after the meetings too.

Here is a brief breakdown of the annual costs

  • Membership is £140 per year. This is the only compulsory fee.
  • Dining, including wine, is £25. The meal is optional. 4 meetings per year = £100
  • Lodge of instruction is £2 per meeting  = £24 . (that if one makes all 12 meetings)
  • Total with dining = £264

Joining Fees

There are also joining fees of approximately £180, however the membership fee of £140 is prorated based on the month of joining.